presented by Sisters Of The Lattice
9 March 2014
Ceremonies held @ 2, 4, 6 & 8 pm

HOTSPOT is a participatory video screening that features 3 individual steam saunas. The event centers around the Sisters of the Lattice's 80-minute film called Link (details below). Three participants may reserve a personal sauna pod for each ceremony, but members of the general public are encouraged to watch the film in regular seating as well. No RSVP is required for non-sauna viewers.

The Hotspot ceremony centers around a screening of the Sisters’ feature-length experimental documentary, a journey that explores the simultaneous intimacy and separation created by modern telepresence. From truck stops to salt flats, lush forests to casinos, the Sisters performed with a diverse spectrum of people while constructing this video myth. From hundreds of interactions with strangers, 5 selected individuals were “linked” to one another using an energy transference conducted over a conference call. The video tells the story of these 5 “Links,“ resulting in a sensorial experience that is part documentary travelogue, part psychedelic incantation.

The Sisters of the Lattice are willfully conjoined techno-mystics who work to deepen the connection between individuals and the technological devices they use everyday. They perform a range of ceremonies with participants using computers, cameras, cellular phones, and online platforms that both indulge and question the mediated experience in our lives.

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